Friday, October 23, 2009

the whole week - wrapped up.

i started the week wit kinda good thang in line.. but towards the end, it freaks me out. i gez dats wat and dats the way life is.. it is so unpredictable. and if it is - it aint life, i think. wats the thrill of havin predicted life, in front of u.. but then - sometimes in life; u dun need any surprises. and as for me - theres few kinda surprises dat i hate of facing, but then again - do we hav any choice. to choose? erm - and i gez we shall live life as it is la kot. sometimes, the more we thnk about wat it is, how it is - the more headache u'll get.. *sigh*

but then again - few nice surprises for me too as well. i received dis so called Pos Express from KK - theres Mariah Carey's Memoirs of Imperfect Angel in it.. international edition yeah. wit Elle's booklet in it. i was glad. i've been listenin to MC's new album on the mp3 je.. since mmg dah lama sgt tak beli any albums pun. but havin dis - was a nice thang, indeed.

and for the first time like a year now - aku main bowling. ada tournament antara lecturer and students.. i know i aint good alrite, lagipun dah lama tak main bowling - it used to be my fav, like every weekend lepak kat bowling alley. and u know wat? main satu game, 2 frames - 121 points, 150 points. hows dat? it may be means nothg for u - but as for me.. wow. ok la kot.. the reasons was like - a) lama tak main.. b) skill dah 'rusted'.. c) lawan dgn student lak tu!.. so - balik je aku terus flat. and flat in sense of - real flat! heh.

and i did a clinical visiting too, last coupla days. to Beruas-Parit-Pantai Remis. its a tiring journey alrite. i hate driving. especially alone. and theres fews thgs jugak yg aku stumbled into. students sometimes can really makes u feel appreciated. and otherwise too, sometimes. aku tangkap 2 students senior neh - havin all kinda rokok kat bilik - atas katil, dlm beg yg terbukak under the bed. its a norm - for u to not to smoke in the hostel. sumer org tau. especially ur a medical personnel nyer stdnt. and all dis while - aku tau; mmg sah2 those stdnts yg merokok, merokok in the hostel. tp mls nak kecoh2. malas nak ambush bagai.. aku selalu ckp dlm kelas - to behave, and act like an adult. aku kalo pi clinical visits all those remote area, jarang2 pun masuk bilik budak2 for i hormat dorg nyer privacy. tp dis time around - aku betol2 pissed off the the stndts and makes me acting out the way aku never did before.. furthermore - they jst letak atas katil mcm tu je.. they xpcted me to tutup mata saja, eh? no way la. mmg tak la..

and today - i am havin a tuff time. the counseling session dgn stdnt yg tak jugak2 ader insight to change. resistant. dah 4 sessions - mcm tu jugak. naik buntu paler otak aku..

and today is Friday - u know wat i mean.

me and Mr Bong at the bowling alley..

kotak-kotak rokok yg aku rampas..
its like 'u scratch my back, i'll definitely scratch urs!'
inda thang.. aku dah amek tindakan displin. senang keje aku.

i received dis earlier - but i wasnt in the office.
Zambri the office guy
called me up, sayin dat i am havin dis -
rasa mcm nak je dtg ofis.. tp i jst cant..

and dis is wat i got! huhu.. she's freaking sexy, aye?
like me. erk.

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miss u

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