Wednesday, October 21, 2009

wat life is?

i jst hate most of the thgs today. i hate myself for bein so helpless. hopeless. denial. and i hate myself for i cant be controlling most of the thgs alrite. i hate myself for i am tryin to be strong, i hav to be strong and show around dat i am so freakin alrite, yet deep down i knw i am not, and i am so bloody vulnerable. and i hate it for i cant be hiding most of the thgs and i am letting others read me 'like an open book'. now i know y mak keep on telling me 'i cant hide secret' dat 'i can read it on ur face' kinda thang.. damn.

i gez i dun hav to be dat strong. its ok to not bein dat strong - for dats wat human bein is. i aint Superman. and i aint Wonder Woman, for God sake, too. i am jst a flesh and blood. i shld be scared shait and afraid when i am one. its ok. rite?

i remember for keep on askin the stdnts - y r we afraid? and i'll answer em - for we r afraid of the unknwn.. the uncertainty. if u know thgs for sure, u aint gonna be afraid, for sure. ur aint gonna get scared. for u can stand ur own ground. ur own stance.

but then - where am i standin, anyway? *sigh*


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Anonymous said...

i miss u

-miss a.i.a-