Tuesday, October 27, 2009

tutorial, again.

had a simple day. started at 7am - aku dah alrdy on the road. mission of the day; aku gotta finish up coupla KKs and one hospital - doin my routine bed-side teaching and clinical teaching/supervisions. managed to finish em in time (or early, it is), aku hav coupla hrs of ample time to finish up coupla own thgs as well. had my nap, off to gym at 4pm. by 5pm - mak abah alrdy in. and gez wat - mak brought dis nasik lemak bungkus daun pisang and drove me up the wall. there goes my diet and all sucha thang, down into the drain. heh - like i care. bukan selalu pun.. hehehe

tutorial part 2 wit the juniors on Human Development - theories etc. took my sweet time and enjoyin free and easy discussion wit like 116 of semester satu nyer stdnts. i am tryin so hard to make em comprehend the whole thang - for aku tak nak ada yg kantoi in their sumative to come, real soon. and gez wat - i am leavin my noted, my books, modules et all back at home for em all. aku shldve sit down and study for my own sake, now.. but i am not. heh. takut la.. aku pe pun tak study lagik!

gotta head home now. settle down, and start wit my own part - reading and all. aku rasa puas hati dpt tolong budak2 neh - w'pun it was so tedious and aku pun mcm tak sihat mana pun. but lookin at their faces yg puas hati dgn explanation and such - shld make my day a better one, indeed.


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