Wednesday, October 28, 2009

study, till u drop.

*yawn 44x*

I am bck on the track, doin thgs i shldve been doin damn way much earlier, i.e reading and go thru notes et al. I am glad if smlm post midnite, i was strugglin to find tempo and strength to start, to put my arse down and do the readin.. dis early morning, i am able of doin it alrite. Slept at 1am, woke up at 3am - aku managed to finish up a chapter and a half on Self Esteem and now on Motivation. I was havin a clear tot dat i managed to absorb quite number of thgs.

I rmbr during my stdnt time - dis is wat i do. I was a playful stdnt. I hardly sit well in lect hall. Selalu kaco mamat/minah2 nerdy. Tp at the end of the class, i'll make sure i do hav the notes and aku too selalu spent time jmpak lecturèr askin dis and dat. Kat bilik, aku jarang sgt2 stdy pun at nite. Aku rather rayau2 bilik member2, cri jajan and kaco org stdy. Bley? Org tdo, aku pun tdo. Tp aku bgun awal, before Subuh arnd 2 or 3am.. and dats the time bila aku start conteng2 nota, go thru em all, add some notes, updating em and a lot more. Lps Subuh, aku golek jap so dat aku tak ngantok during classes.. And gez wat? Aku managed to score and jdi Overall Best Academic nye stdnt pun. Pelik eh? And suprisingly, dats still my way of doin thgs when it comes to stdy etc. Heh. I gez dats among few thgs yg tak b'ubah wit in myslf la kot..

Erm, gotta go. Dah Subuh. MuMu sekejap!


:: NbC :: said...

pssssst, dedulu rayau2 cari jajan & kacau org ke bz dating with F..?


jerry maguire, jr. said...

Pinkie - kan! very the.. speku lah!! hahaha