Sunday, October 18, 2009

rainy day..

Woke up at 5am, i hardly sleep after dat. I had my mind wander over places. Over thgs. Wake up for Subuh, aku gerak Kimie and Areeyna for solat as well. Aged of 8 and 10, dorg mmg dah patut solat bila waktu solat dah masuk, and dats wat kak ngah dah didik dorg pun. Done wit it, i aint sure wat to do. Its raining outside, abah tak pi surau pun. I am not gonna go sit infrnt of my lappy now God sake, for its way too early in the morn., and its Sunday morn. And darn its raining. Shld get urslf bck to Mumu, Britney. Heh. Tp tak bley lena la plak. At time like dis, makes me thkg. About thgs. Ppl. Life. And such. I wish life wld be easy for all of us. I wish i cld be there for those yg down in deep shait and drownin in own problems. I wish i cld help em out. I wish i cld sort thgs out for them so there'll be no lonely nite, no down in own blues, no nthg. I wish i cld be there by their sides at time like dis. I wish i cld do the Star Trek thang where u can be sekejap sana sekejap sini wit in sec to be arnd my love ones so dat they knw dat i do care and i am arnd when they need s'one to hold on to. But then, i aint do any teleport. I am jst a plain flesh and blood. A human bein, alrite. Yet, wat ever it is - i am willin to do anythg at all, wit in my capacity to help. Tho s'times i do feel hopeless, helpless - dats not an excuse for not being able to be there when u need me to.. rite? I wish its gonna be a real good day then. Its Sunday. SunnyDay, i hope so. And i wish its gonna be a good 4u out there, and 4 me as well. Gez ì gotta teleporting myslf to MuMuLand now. Who knws, Paris Hilton is still there. Oprah. Tom Cruise. JLo. Mimi as well. Gd morn., ppl. And g'nite! *yawn*

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