Thursday, October 29, 2009

pick more daisies..

daisies, anyone?

of course u cant unfry an egg, but yet - theres nthg wrong and surely hell, theres no law against of thinking about it. if i had my life to live all over again - i'd try makin more mistakes. i wld definitely try to be more relax. i'd be sillier more than u'll ever think of, more than i've been in dis trip. i know of very few thgs dat i'd take seriously. i'd be less hygienic. i'd kick off my semi-OCD habit dat somehow - dammit, they r killin me at time being. i'd be less dal-ga-ya-lam. i'd go more places - of course. name it, i'd jst go wit no second tots. islands, beaches, hills and highlands. i'll swim more rivers and sea. i'd eat more ice and less vegetables. i'd keep my hair long and forget about how my bald-ness wld keep me sane. i'd hav more actual troubles and fewer imaginary troubles. like - 'ada aku kisah' kinda thang. i'd go hurt more ppl, rather than jst let myself being hurt, like most of the time. heh.

u see - i gez i am one of the those fellas who live prudently and sanely (enuff); hr after hr, day after day. sucks, alrite. hold on. it aint dat bad. of coz - i do hav my moments, as well! but if i had to do it all over again - i'd hav more of em all - a lot more.

if i had my life to live over, i'd pay less attention to ppl who teach me tension. i'd leave Hafiz behind. i'd ban all those ppl 'yg skema giler'. i'll go to work at ease (in ur dream!). they tell us dat we must learn Sejarah; otherwise we will be disgraced and ruined and flunked and failed. heh. but to tell u the truth - i wish they had sold me the Sejarah thang as a lark. God sake.

i'd seek out more teachers who inspire relaxation and fun. i had a few of em alrite; fortunately, and i figure it was they who kept me from goin entirely along the sane mind. from em all, i learned how to gather wat few scraggly daisies i've gathered along life's pathway.

if i had my life to live over, i'd start barefooted a lil earlier out there and stay dat way a lil later. i'd spend more time in the rain.. feelin all bits of the water fall on ur face. i'd play more sports. i'd go more tennis, of course. i'd shoot more paper wads at my boring teachers. to all the nerdy which sometimes can be pain in the arse. i'd hav more cats. i'd keep later hrs. i'd sleep late at nite. i'd skip takin all kinda medications. i'd go get myself an expensive bulky camera and shoots more pics, w/o worryin how much it'd cost me. i'd hav more sweethearts. i'd learn how to fish well. i'd go to more circuses. movies. i'd go ride on more merry-go-rounds, and forget of those looks at u as if ur a plain retarded by doin so. i'd be carefree as long as i cld, or at least until i got some care - instead of havin my cares in advance. i'd learn more. and i'd pray more, of course. for at least - i then got nthg to regret. true enuf, more errors are made solemnly than in fun.

in a world in which practically everybdy else seems to be consecrated to the gravity of situation - i'd rise to glorify the levity of the situation, God sake. i remember s'bdy told me coupla yrs back - and i still remember it well; "gaiety is wiser than wisdom", for i aint sure watever it means, but it hits me alrite. i doubt, however; dat i'll do much damage wit the creed. the opposition is way too strong. there r too many fcukin serious ppl out there, tryin to get everybdy else to be too darned freakin serious, as well.

dammit. how i wish..

wld it be too late then? *sigh*

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