Thursday, October 8, 2009

on the road..

...behind the wheel, again. I swear to God i shldve be outta hse a lil bit darn earlier than dis alrite. Now dat the h'way exit Jelapang dah cram dgn ppl yg berebut2 nak pi ofc., tak tmasuk gov servant plus cikgu cikgi yg mmg dah lambat to work and lagi rela memecut aka merempit like org gila on the road. Heh. Woke up a lil bit late for i cant really sleep last nite. I m havin dis cough my lungs out like hell, ended me goin downstairs havin some wt lifting infrnt of the idiotbow past midnite. Around 3am, had my warm shower and only then aku off to MumuLaod, for real. And now, heh - dun bother to ask.. i feel darn groggy God sake. Driving wit post-Nescaf?? big mug as a breakfast, aku feel like drifting away. And yeah, i am having Mimi too, on the cd player wit her new album. Erm, can i jst do a u-turn and re-schedule dis visits? Heh. Nice eh? Dammit. Makcik dpn neh drive mcm ... Dis aint a lake garden, arseowl! Shait. Argkh.

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