Monday, October 26, 2009

monday as it is.

the rainbow - its been ages since i see one.
but it was there dis mornin.. miracle? co-incidence?

its Monday - watdya expect. i was lackin of sleep, i jst cant sleep well last nite. theres coupla thgs bothering me and i cant be in MuMu dat well.. i wish i cld clear up dat coupla thgs before off for MuMu - but thgs sometimes can be easily said than done.

i am havin no class today. no clinical visit as well. but i am havin like coupla thgs to be done before off for clinical visit trow and off-days startin Wed rite up till Friday. i hope i can hav sort of peaceful mind for i need to settle done and study - on Wed and Thursday since on Friday rite till Sunday - i'll be sitting for papers.. heh. last minutes prep, as usual. u go to classes, u tell tales askin dis and dat to the stdnts to sit and study well, get it done as early as u can - but when i comes to reality, aku pun study last minute. heh.

i feel damn pretty tired lately. i jst dun know why. and the headache is there - most of the time.

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