Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lumut Naval Dockyard - 10.30am

as my earlier entry talked about the above thang - here r the full pics. i was havin some kinda fits takin all the pics while suddenly dis Maritim Malaysia in a speed boat from nowhere at all screamin out loud on to everybdy on the board to get into the feery, sit still or else all the camera and phone will be taken away. i was kinda scared dat aku terus masuk duduk dlm diam.. from wat i've herad from some locals, the craft was on fire since 2am early in the morn., and still burnin up till 12pm during my trip back to Lumut.

there goes our money.. hehe

i aint tellin more. the pics tell better.

Navy’s largest landing craft on fire

LUMUT: The KD Seri Inderapura, the Royal Malaysian Navy’s biggest landing craft, caught fire while berthed at the RMN base jetty here.

The fire was reported to have occurred at about 6am on Thursday and efforts are still underway to put it out.

Manjung OCPD ACP Mohd Jamil Osman said that according to the preliminary report, the fire involved the office and storage areas and no injuries were reported.

Police have yet to receive a report from the RMN in Lumut, he said when contacted. -- Bernama

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'Snave Guy Lavoie Kadek Bayu JR said...

Bleh jadi wartawan lah abg botak nie! dalam sembunyik2 tu still nak juga ambil pics!!1 haha...! Good effort ayway!! XOXoXoXoXoX