Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the journey..

Life's a journey. We go thru it well, wit full ups and down. Some wld celebrate it for the path wld be smooth and fine. Some wld stumble upon thgs and havin tough time thru it all. Ppl says its a matter of choice. Its ur own life. And all u gotta do is to choose it well. Subjective, it is. I am not sayin dat i've bn thru it well. I am no wise either. I am jst a plain idiot making lots of fault. For i am jst a freakin flesh and blood, i do make mistakes. 'Ppl makes mistake', sounds clichè aye. I dun knw. But i do blve in one thang - life is about action, reaction and consequences. If u do mistakes in life - u shld bear the consequences, no matter how hard and bad it is. I dun knw. Theres so many thgs in my head now. I wish i cld write em all down, but it wldnt be dat easy, alrìte. Otw to the ofc. now, gotta settle coupla thgs before aku off for Penang. Old same lame story. Wit in dis coupla mths, dah 2 kali aku defaulted follow-ups. Stupid. I knw. And I've made a decision. God sake i'll hold on to it now. Period. The fever still in - last Brufen take at 4am, it doesnt really make a change. I hope i can make it early and come bck in ASAP. I am sad still. I feel numb. I gez i lose hope now, that i shld face watever dat may come.

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