Tuesday, October 20, 2009

its.. erk - Tuesday! heh.

will be on the road again - dis time around i am off for clinical visits/teaching to Klinik Keshatan Beruas, KK Parit and KK Pantai Remis. kinda all-around to drive all alone tho; but its ok. i gotta finish up all dis re-scheduled thang before next week. heh.

ptg at 5 - 7pm; there'll be a bowling tournament between us - the lecturers and the kiddos. i mean - the stdnts, that is. Ajak repeatedly reminds me to be there for 'ko la sorang2 lecturer yg finely selected to join team aku' kinda thang like dat. heh. time to put a bit of demand then. and aku was like, 'tengok la ajak.. kalo aku sempat abes clinical..'. wah!! haha.. bara je aku tgk muka mamat grizzly bear neh. hahaha.. well, bukan pe. lama jugak la since aku last ber-bowling neh. mcm hilang skill je aku rasa. dis is aint PSP game ao Wii-ing at home dpn screen.. (hehehe..). i mean - dis is for real. dgn stdnts plak tu. heh.

gotta leave home now. i know its damn way too early. tp - the earlier, the better. so aku tak trap in the traffic. yeah. traffic, it is. like wat? 10 bijik kereta dpn aku kah? indeed. dats wat i call, 'traffic'. dun make dat faces, pls. dis is Ipoh. and it aint like KL, ok!. hehe

chioa. u hav a great day ppl!

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