Tuesday, October 27, 2009



reached home around 10.45pm, i hit my crib wit some kinda numb all over. in my head, it is. feeling giddy alrite - cld be becoz of the class jst now. its a large crowd, and they forgot to put on the cordless mic. and i was like screamin at top of my lung, hell yeah.

its 12.15am - i finally back into my study room; wonderin wat to do. shall i do some reading? shall i do dis? shall i do dat? i jst cant make up my mind. dis mind of mine - i am feelin so helpless lately; for i jst cant put it into 'mute' whenever i need to. theres so many thgs running up there, makin thgs worst. and the headache - i hate it..

think i shld be goin downstairs and look for my Stilnox. somethg i din do for quite sometime now. i refused to get use to it.. facilitate my sleep wit all dis chemical thang. tho it mght not havin bad effect on u, i never trust in such. but it looks like i din hav much choices, to choose. i need some rest. some sleep. i am workin trow.

and i am gonna be on road again trow - all damn fuckin alone.. :-(

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@xiM said...

you are alone but you are not lonely..:)