Saturday, October 17, 2009


Woke up at 10am, aku b'gegas siap for Ajak's doa selamat aka openhse at his home at 11am. Siap2, by the time aku smpai there - org dah start baca Yassin and such. Had my lunch there, sembang2 and socialize sket; off i go lah. And now, thank God aku dah smpai kg. Its such a nice thang to be arnd in ere, wit mak abah arnd and kak ngah plus all the minimönsters to be arnd real soon. Nak lepak2 jap and gotta start my next asgment real soon. I wish i dun hav to do dis, but then - do i hav any choice to choose? Gotta be discipline. Wah! Katanye. But then bila minimöns smpai, sah2 la aku tak bley buat pe2 pun. Heh. Aiyo, ngantok plak.. Mencik la.

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