Friday, October 30, 2009


I wish u g'nite. I wish u all the very best for trow, dat it will brings u all kinda happiness, wit smiles on ur face. I wish trow wld be a wonderful one for u dat u'll continue bringin charms in everybdy's lifes. Lifes of ppl dat u care. Ppl dat u love. I wish u'll keep on bein a strong one, for u nvr knw dat when ur darn strong; u mght as well bring others to stand up their stance well.

I wish trow wldnt be cruel to u, for ur one delicate person dat u deserve way much better than dat. Life's short. Yet life's wonderful to jst keep urslf down in a shait, for u deserve better. Its ur own choice; its ur own life. To or not excel. As a fren, i wish u all the very best. All the sweet thgs for trow. And days after.. I'll never stop say a pray for u, for havin u as a fren is the best thang in life, dat i've ever had. Pls, hang on there. Dis is life. And life's shld be better for u. For me. For everyone else.

G'nite, fellas! Love u.

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:: NbC :: said...

How everyone wishes that they can be strong, me too. This entry is simple, yet is v meaningful.