Thursday, October 8, 2009

gloomy day, it is.

Indeed. Theres sun up there. Yet u hardly see where it at. It aint dat sunny, for u dun feel dat much heat alrite. And it aint raining either. One of the staff nurse i've met told me dat its been raining every now and then dat it somehow makes the stdnts 'lemau dan mengantok manjang'. Cant see the connection between the two; but i gez u knw wats dat means alrite. Need no Havard grad to understand dat, pun. Rainy day. Mengantok. Heh. Done wit clinical plus bed side teaching/discussion, aku off for a lunch together dgn all stdnts (arnd 8 pax) kat kdai mkn nearby. Its nice to see em mkn, smbg2, crack jokes over meal w/o having dat much rasa segan and such. Yet they still respect me for who i am. And it is nice la, esp bila dorg mkn2, u yg kena byr. Kan? Heh. Tak pe la. Bkn selalu pun.. Heading bck to the mainland, wit MC's H.A.T.E U playing, like for so many times, now..

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