Friday, October 30, 2009

exam sucks! 1st day.

it is SUCKS, rite? rite??

first day, God sake. its the judgment day. its the exam. dammit i hate exam. as much as all the stdnts do. and God sake too - each time i am gonna sit for one, trust me - i am trully understand why all my stdnts hate the idea of havin such thang. exam sucks. and hell yeah - wld dat means i love exam? heh. i hate exam. i cant chill. i need to place my arse rite there buried in the chair and read. i cant surf (tho literally, i still do! haha) i cant DotA. i cant do watever i wanna do. i cant channel surfin on my bloody idiotbox. and yeah - exam jst sucks. period.

woke up at 3am - i cant believe i was jst there kat meja study for hardly 30mins when i my eyes started gettin smaller and smaller.. i yawned like a freakin hippo. and all i think of - my wonderful MuMuLand. 3.35am - aku alrdy there in MuMu and threw some fits in my crib to the alarm sound, screamin like hell at 4.30am. dis time around - aku pi mandi, made myself a big mug of Nescafe - and ere i am.. tak pun jgk start study! dowh. heh - i will la, rite after dis.

for the first time ever - i aint sure wats got into me. i aint sure wats in my head. facts or full of shait. hope it aint shait anyway, for if it is - damn i'll be in a hot pan kat dlm hall nanti! argkhhh..

wish me luck. wish me the fcukin whole wide world of luck, pls. for i am freakin scared now. i am havin dis panic mode on now.

can anybdy tell me, how to switch it off? *shait*

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