Saturday, October 17, 2009


Mak asked me to look at the fridge otw to the dapur, and i found dis 'sibuk nya mamat ni' wrote nicely on a stick-up-note from my abah's reading room. Aku asked mak wats dat all about and she it was from Areeyna, my eldest minimons. She wrote dat coupla wks bck during their weekly balik-kampung thang, wit hope they'd catch me during one of the trip. Baru aku t'ingat, its been wks since aku do the balik-kampung thang. The last one was Eid'ul Fitr lar.. Mak told me minimons kept on asking her, 'opah, mana pak long?', 'opah, pak long balik tak..' and such, each time they were ere. Heh. Rasa b'salah la plak. Sian bdk2 tu. Sian mak abah aku. Erm, nape dorg tak smpai2 lagi eh? Rindu plak aku nak tgk bdk2 tu shuffle, while chanting 'pak long boddo' on their mouth, repeatedly as if dats a music for em to dance along wit. Erm, pak long bodo lar! Pak long aint a bimbo, ok. At least. Heh.

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