Thursday, October 29, 2009

a day, to go!

woke up at 3am early dis morn., i was tryin so hard to do some kinda fast-readin, did some preview on wat i shldve read and wats not. by 6am - aku dah lalok, crawled for MuMu for an hr and by 8am aku dah outta house. Mr Khairuddin Azahari aout of the blue called me up smelm - tellin me dat i need to go thru 2hrs wit Public Health Care postbasc on Counseling Process. heh. again - last minute thang. i can say 'no', but then i got no choice since i was the only one running the department - ended up me standin there delivered wat i shldve not - duncha think i shldve be at home, readin? i am. hell yeah.

10.30am aku terus blah kuar office - i was so sure dat i wanted to go back home str8; but somehow or rather - i landed up in the gym. keji kan? no it aint. workin out in the morn is the best thang for me.. bg aku lah. gym tak pack. u need not to hurry. ur darn way fresh - mentally, physically. and indeed - nobdy around. i gotta chance to do my biceps/shoulder all the way out pg neh. puas ati sgt2. heh. and yeah - no Jamal Abdillah on the back ground.

had my lunch, drove back home, mandi2, solat Zohor and ere i am.. i will be doin the readin rite after i am done wit dis alrite. i got like 2 sets of modules/notes to go thru. insyaAllah - dis aint gonna be hard for me - for awal2 lagik aku dah went thru em all, did some conteng2 ere and there, brain-map alrite.. so skang aku jst need to speed thru sajork.. harap2 aku manage la.. its noon. after 12pm. watdya expect! hehe

theres coupla thgs botherin me. about thgs. about s'thg. i am tryin so hard to repress em all, for at least - let me go thru the papers first. i shall deal wit it; if i really wanna do so - after the exam's done. nthg biggie. nthg so significant pun. but i need to sit, go thru it well - for i hate dis bloody thg bugging me like freakin shait.

damn. tak bukak buku lagik dah ngantuk. cemaneh? keji la..

long way to go. i need to jump on the scale lagik kerap -
if i ever shed some wt or not.. heh.

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