Sunday, October 25, 2009

@ Budi Mulia, Chemor.

sara, banu and another gal - doin the ice breakin.

acap as the mc (no way the Mariah Carey, pls)
and Mr Bong.. wakil Pengarah.

dis group of gals performin some sort of 'trademark'.

and dis group nyanyi lagu WonderPet.
cute giler!!

the all-boys group.

munir, me and rahimi - one of my stdnt.

is dis banu? puneshah? damn.
i am sorry - hardly beza u both!

syaiful 'ikan' hafizi, munir and me.

makan time!!

i bet they did hav a good time,
jst like me..

spent my Saturday wit somethg meaningful dis time around. i mean - its not like i never get involve wit all dis community service, but dis time around - it was so meaningful to me.. i was wit like 25 of my students and 50 of children dari Rumah Budi Mulia Nurul Huda of Chemor Perak. we had a simple programme there - started at 10am and ended up around 1.30pm. i was supposed to give some sort of motivational talk to all those kids wit the age of 5yo up to 16yo - but then the projector wasnt work well, so aku kena bagi talk secara impromptu je la.. and gez wat i did? aku duduk infront of em all - mcm penglipur lara plak rasa.. so aku jst threw em all some teka teki yg ada kaitan dgn Creative Thinking.. kelakar plak rasanya. imagine bila u asked em all like 'mcmana nak masukkan gajah dlm peti sejuk..' kinda question like dat - most of em all can answer them very well - tak mcm budak2 aku yg dah besar pjg.. its amazing how kids able to use their creavity tots, berbanding budak2 besar neh..

i had a nice weekend indeed. the programme brings me some kinda insight; a new one, indeed. i am sad seein em all. some of the kids - they r so like down they hardly be able to mingle around pun. dat u hav to talk to em, pujuk and used all ur skills; so dat dorg tak segan etc.. i remember few of my stndts lepas pujuk budak2 neh, tp tak 'jalan'; they was like - 'sir, ur case..'. heh.

the rest of the weekend was a blast for me. nice indeed. its tiring, but i aint complaining. good time. good company.


Mr. Firdaus said...

dats is banu sir.

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Daus - thanks for the correction. i am sure Banu terasa hati.. but i jst cant help myself!! haha