Sunday, October 18, 2009


I nvr hav one. Except for a brunch. And except when aku kat kg. Coz if i din take one, mak will make sure her work description worked well, and she will definitely sounds like HotFM. Hot wat? Heh. So today, for br8fst; mak masak dis 'nasik itam' as Kimie called it. Nah, it aint nasik itam. Tho i knw it is itam in nature. Its Nasi Lemuni wit Smbal Tumis Ikan Bilis. And ikan kering too. Dun ask me wat mak put and make it black in color. Its 'herba' as mak ckp. Heh. Like i care. Its mak masak. And it tastes heaven. Gez wat? Aku hate to admit, but aku abes 2 pinggan for God sake.. 'Along tak mkn br8fst konon, tp sekali mkn, hlg akal..' as kak ngah said. Benci la. Its a wkend. Can i hav a time of my life? And be a mokmok. Erk. Damn!

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