Wednesday, October 28, 2009


one of my all time fav, Mariah Carey's Breakdown. nice lyric. used to listen to it like hell before.. do enjoy.


Anonymous said...

ever heard of "kasih tak sampai"??
nayy!! i doubt u'd listen to a malay song hehe

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hi anon..

kasih wat? erk - gimme the name of the singer. may be then i tau le kot.. hehe

Anonymous said...

kasih tak sampai is a song by padi (a band from indonesia) released in 2001.. it's a great song to listen to even when u not in mellow mood (great ESPECIALLY whn u r mellow n down hahaha).. but do listen to it with open mind coz some people, who always listen to english songs, found malay songs r lame..

jerry maguire, jr. said...

Padi? wow. u know wat mr/mrs anon - i used to listen to Padi before. i even hav their album.. tp mana ntah letak. they do hav great numbers alrite. and now i remember which is which. and indeed. Kasih Tak Sampai is a gr8 one, hell yeah.

thanks for sharing!