Monday, October 26, 2009


may be i shld stop pulling ppl's legs. and crack stupid jokes. may be i shldnt take thgs for granted too. for once u've made mistakes - its like forever u'd be.

i feel bad tonite. its poor me for i hav to ended up my beautiful day, like dis. i gez it's nobdy mistakes. ppl, i mean most of us - tend to jump into conclusion when we r under stress. when we r under-attack or somethg. or, perhaps - it cld be 'jst my luck' day, as well. call it as a soft-spot, perhaps.

but it aint a big deal. i know. jst dat for the time being - i feel so damn annoyed. irritated. sad. for thgs i din know a single freakin thang, for thgs i din do. and i never, ever, ever think of doin such silly thg, as well. never ever, all dis while.. but then again - dis aint a big shait. it aint a big deal pun. i've been thru worst, God sake. and i am gonna be alrite wit the sunrise, trow morn insyaAllah.

all along the way - ppl makes mistakes. but makin a mistakes doesnt mean it is bad all together. and makin a mistake once doesnt mean ur damn freakin bad, i believe. i dun know.

sometimes - in life; to hav faith in urself, and in others is the toughest thg to do.

but its gonna be worth it. if u'd able to hav one.


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