Monday, October 12, 2009


i tot i am havin a good time. i tot we r havin good time, o yeah. a great time. i tot i hav it all back - while i am letting it slip away before. i knew i've made mistake - but do dat makes u havin sort of granted to treat me like dis? y?

i am shocked. i am sad. i feel like i've run over some kinda truck. it hurts damn fuckin badly. i tot i am havin all great thgs in life now. great days. moment. we shared thgs alrite. i was thinkin and tryin so hard to gain it all back by puttin more effort in it, build it up from where it begins.. giv back nice thgs to u - in return and make thgs back to where it is - like before. but then..

i am a fool. idiot. bulshait. u deserve to treat me like cold fcukin shait. i gez now u know wat ur dealin wit. and i gez ur darn satisfied.

but one thg for sure - it wont change a thang. for wat i am havin now. it wont change, God sake.



Amazingly Azlynn said...

shahe dear,

dont get fooled again...ok!
think shahe, think...
whats the best for u is still out there waiting...insya Allah...:)

take care ya!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes people are NOTHING and you make them SOMETHING...
When they become SOMETHING, they feel that you are NOTHING..

but... calm down dear..
Sabar ye..

-miss a.i.a-