Saturday, October 17, 2009

asgment sucks, alrite.

asgments suck. big time!

i hate assignments. as much as the students hate em well, me too. at time like dis - i know how the student feels when their lecturer kept throwin assignments for em all to be done by certain dates. absolutely - i know how it feels.

i am done wit one. comparing and finding so-called similarities in both Behaviorism and Psychodynamic theories. mcm nak giler aku whole nite, perah paler otak. its 7.10am now - and aku only managed to closed my eyes for about less than 2hrs semlm; before leaving MuMu and back to the meja study doin my thang. and the body is screaming, aching for post-workout bodyache.. but its ok. i am gonna be alrite.

think i shld be heading MuMu - again - now. shall be leaving for Ajak's open house around 11am and terus balik kg.. esok mlm - balik Ipoh. and dammit - its gonna be whole freakin bz days for the next 2 wks to come.

and shait. i am havin another 1 asgment to be done on the weekend. damn. there goes my weekend - into the drain! argkh.

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Mr. Firdaus said...

assgment do suck.
big time!
huhu. ;p