Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd day..

notes? mp4? coffee?
can i choose my bed then? heh.

its 3.45am in the morn., aku dah siap mandi, solat Isya' (lambat since mmg aku nak solat time ni), Nescafe siap one mug and aku dah prepare which chapter to be done by the mornin sun - to be read well. aku hope thgs r gonne be jst fine for the second day, today.

i am havin one paper at 12pm, which explains dat i am havin sort of ample time la kot.. i mean - enuff time to browse thru the notes, again and again jst to make sure the whole thang stuck there alrite. its gonna be on Personality and Human Dynamics. my kinda thang, and my kinda fav. harap2 aku bley pulun la ari neh..

gotta go and do the readin. wish me luck. all the world's of luck indeed. and dat i can get thru it well, wit a better health and concentration, insyaAllah.

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