Friday, September 4, 2009


I am bck at where i belong - wit my fmly and all. I managed to meet abg cik & fmly jap before they off bck to Kedah. Kak ngah & fmly will be arnd, and thank God - up till. Since the whole next wkend up till Tuesday i'll be in UPM/Putrajaya, i shall enjoy dis wkend darn well wit mum and dad, all the minimonsters arnd. The good company, great nice food, laughter and such. Aku penat sgt at time being. Angah (in the pic) consistently askin me main karom dgn dia. Meluat arr.. Aku nak golek2 tgk tv la, pls! Argkh..


timtams said...

Alaa pak long nie...layan aje angah main karom (wat is dat btw?) kalo dah balik kan sorang2 leh golek2 tgk tv!

I think while they are still young play and be with them as much as u can..soon they will be all grown up and it will be us the elders looking for them wanting them to layan us. Have fun with them. And I know you'd never say no to him.

Anonymous said...

mcm anak dan ayah la. :p