Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally, we reached Tumpat, Kelantan. As for me, its a tiring journey. It takes 5hrs for we din stop at all - i mean, yeah. Once. Itu pun since aku rasa mcm nak rupture bladder aku holding bck my pee. Ok la, 5hrs. Tp penat, since w'pun jalan not dat jammed, it was full wit cars. Up till Grik, aku was ok. Tp msuk je Jeli, aku mula tensed up. U cant say one - a pakcik yg b'janggut kopiah putih, tp drive like freakin shait. Let alone all the youngs one. If u thk i am makin up a generalization based on emo., *teeet*.. ur dead wrong. Come down ere. Do some behind-a-wheel thang once. U knw wat i mean. Btw, aku smpai ere wit sort of mix feeling. Bosan. Eager. Lousy. Sickening. Etc. But i knw myslf darn well. Its always like dat on the first day. Tp by trow, i'll be ok. And aku'll hate myslf bila the day i gotta leave dis kg behind. Actually, tak de apa special sgt pun - but the differences amazed me.. culture, foods etc. Heh. Its raining. Post-prandial. I thk i am started to hav dis 'mata kian mengecil' kinda phenomenon.. *yawn*. Wat else to do in ere? Heh.

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