Wednesday, September 23, 2009

wat to do, eh?

I gez dats the question for tday. Woke at 8am, aku baru perasan yg aku 'dah kena tinggal' for aku shldve off for a wet market to buy dis and dat. Alasan, 'bgun lmbt sgt, nanti ikan abes'. Heh. Great. Now aku tak pyh wake up and change, dat aku bley tarik the selimut back again. Argkh, nape la sejuk sgt weh! Smlm, Wildan called me up since he and Wahaza nak ajak aku 'ngopi'. And it was alrdy 10pm. Lewat sgt plak rasanya dat i hav to politely say 'no'. So as a return, jap lg arnd 11am, i mght be seein em both la skjp, gossip2. Hehe.. *yawn*

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artisticklytouch said...

i wonder how u gossip. the previous two encounter, you've only been the listener. or is it because kitaorang cakap tak berenti? or Jas terlalu chumil...opppsss