Tuesday, September 22, 2009

thanx 4 nothin'

I rmber listenin to dis Mariah Carey's again and again, during my deep-in-shait coupla mths back. The lyrics, the song cuts thru me, and i really hate myslf for wat i went thru, for wat i am at dat particular time. I hate myslf for i knw i shldve knwn better, but i preferred to deal wit the game while me myslf, i din really knw how strong i was at dat particular time. It ended up i felt ashame of myslf, indeed. I felt so wasted. The time. The love and all. And today, after wat i've been thru - ere i am listenin to my mp4; browsing from a song to another, and for the first time really, i hav the nerve to listen do dis, back again. And gez wat? I din feel a shait now. No more numb. No more drillin sensation in me. I gez i am stronger now. And i pray to Lord God, i dun hav to go thru dat shait, again. God sake.

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