Friday, September 4, 2009



wanted to update dis blog of mine earlier in the morn., but i forgot of doin so, for by the time aku masuk je office - aku trus siapkan keje yg aku shldve been done of doin like coupla days back. and thanks God - aku managed to get rid of it, rite on time. hehehe.. since the deadline is today. bley?

cant wait to be donw wit the workin hrs, for i'll be rushin back to Selama, Perak. my kampung lorr.. abg cik and family alrdy there, tp aku dun think i'd be able meeting him up since he's leavin for Kodiang after berbuka.. Soleh plak kelas abes lambat ptg neh - kalo tak, skang jugak aku chaloowww.. heh. but its ok - kak ngah and her whole family r there too, wld be enuff for me, for real. mak dah called me coupla times, askin me wat to eat and wats not - and i am done makin up list for her. bley? haha.. bukan selalu leww..

wishing u ppl out there a very good weekend then. enjoy it while u can - be it if ur on ur own, or wit ur love ones. times like dis wont come in twice, so make sure u cherish every secs well. make it worth, mcm Mr Bong selalu. heh.

i gez i'll see u around next week la kot. and if aku rajin - i'll mobile-update je lah, eh!



:: NbC :: said...

Kodiang..? wah mcm famous je kan nama tu..


jerry maguire, jr. said...

kan! haha