Friday, September 18, 2009


Some ppl says Taiping equal to org2 pencen. Or tmpt cikgu2 pencen. Some of my KLite frens Taiping such a spooky town. Nthg's ere. Esp at nite. I rmbr having dis serba tak kena feeling each time kwn2 aku dtg from big cities to pay me a visit there, waktu aku keje and stayed there. But dat was the initial stage. Lama2 aku dah lali. U dtg dr KL etc, and u complain dis and dat; xpcting Taiping wld be the same? Heh. Get a life. Bukan aku nak being defensive, tp aku kdg2 tak fhm. Sebndar2 ko pun, asal usul mana, eh? Kelakar, kan? But the fact is - i love Taiping. I was born in ere, tho aku've been raised up in Selama, Perak. Taiping skang dah grand. Siap ada panggung wayang, mall, Giant, Tesco, McD etc. Of coz la tak sama dgn KL or Ipoh. But watdya xpct, kan? Heh

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