Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunrise on Eid'ul Fitr

Woke up early in the morn at 5.30am after mak wakes me up. Cik, angah and whole fmly dah siap2 for Subuh b'jemaah, for dats wat the most important routine we do on Eid'ul Fitr. Soleh azan Subuh, since dis is his 'era', me and cik been doin dat for yrs, before. Abah will imamkan Subuh, and all of us will berjemaah ramai2. After done wit Subuh, we'll gather arnd w/o leaving tempat solat masing2; saling b'maaf2an. Mak as usual will shed some tears, angah pun - whch definitely buat the whole fmly t'rasa. And only after dat, we will go doin thgs - the ladies will kalut kat dapur, abh will 'tawaf' pergi balik tgk cucu2 dia, cik and abg ngah kalut doin their thgs while aku mcm biasak cntract iron bju melayu raya mak dan abah, Soleh and my own. Solat raya will be at 9 and mak nak all of us hav our own breakfast first before off for the mosque. As for me, dis is 'raya'. The get together, the joyous of being arnd celebrating Syawal yg mulia, after whole Ramadhan. It aint about new expensive spending, it aint about jst be back in ere for the sake of it. Dis is the day aku've been waiting. And dis is the day aku've been anticipating. Mak abah is still arnd, and it makes the whole scenerio, diffrnt alrite. And at one look mak's, aku tau how she wishes kak yang & fmly wld be arnd, as much as all of us do. I am proud of being apart of dis fmly. And i am proud we do dis Eid'ul Mubarak way different from the others. Thkg of dis makes me havin dis mixed feelin i dun knw how to explain.. Wit all dat, aku amek ksempatan di sini utk menyusun sepuluh jari, memohon kemaafan atas segala salah silap aku, tutur kata, perilaku, gerak bhasa yg cld be menyakitkan hati, melukakan perasaan any one at all - be it s/ada wit or wit out intention. Maafkan aku, zahir dan batin. Salam Eid'ul Fitr al Mubarak, fellas.

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