Thursday, September 3, 2009

stye. MekDi.

nah, dat aint me.
i am much more prettier, alrite.

kinda pissed off. but who am i to complain? theres a stye (mak kita panggil 'ketombit', i think) over my (R) upper eye lid - and its getting bengkak like shait. sakit dowhh! i realized theres sort of 'rasa tak selesa' over my (R) eye lid tu since last coupla days dah pun.. and semlm - i noted theres a bit of swelling, yet not much of pain, indeed. but dis mornin - wah! dah bengkak.. and tender, of coz. i had to put on my specs and look like a geek since it wldnt be comfortable to put on my lenses, alrite. and the gals (my other lecturers) in ere dah start kutok2 aku like, 'wey Shah ko ngintai saper bulan2 poser neh?', 'Shah mata ko naper? ko ngintai jiran ko kah?' kinda silly statements like dat. aku tak amek pusing pun.. for i know, aku tak ngintai saper2 pun.. i think. yeah, i think la kot. heh! haha.. btw - wats got to do wit beein a peeping Tom dgn mata ketombit? imagine dorang yg suka ngintai org tu - a pervert, of coz - so like wat? mata dorg full of styes? eh, pls.. keji. haha

motip? erk.

erk - i am sorry. i had no bad intention in ere. watever in ur mind - eh, do i care? haha.. dammit, jst look at dat. nah - dun get me wrong. forgive me for any kinda inconvenient it may cause. i mean - the up above. the McD burger, lah!! the thang is - there'll be another McDonald outlet to build up around my house area. yeah - again - around my house area. mcm - bley jalan kaki je, gtew. wah! cant wait. bekpes mekdi, lunch mekdi, dinner mekdi, anta ke rumah mekdi.. mekdi.. mekdi.. mekdi.. (ulang 20x). and the worst part is - gosh, aku puasa!! kurang dah pahala mcm neh!

i remember one time - about a year back; someone told me if theres a McDonald around (or in a town) - dats the best indicator showing dat particular town/place is sort of 'happening', yeah. sounds funny.. but - well. kinda miss dat time, erk - tiber2.

Double Cheesy.. best eh?



artisticklytouch said...

jom mek d...

tp nanti uols gumuks

jerry maguire, jr. said...

melklerrkkhhhhh? hahaha

Amazingly Azlynn said...

ha! 24 hours mcD..mok mok le mu shahe weiii....

ade aku kisah??? hahaha

RIZAL said...

dabel cheese 1~ :) TQ.