Monday, September 14, 2009

putrajaya, day 1

And its done. Aku mtk the pengerusi for mesyuarat plus bengkel to 'release us awal' for 'most of us stay kat KL' and 'takut nanti 'trap in a jam'. He took it litely yet suprisingly, towards the end - he's ok wit it. All the seniors r happy wit it and mula started to say 'hi', senyum etc. Heh, perlu ke? I aint need any of dat lah. Choyy! sgt. Anyway, will be b'buka at The Curve today, after 3 days in a row kat hotel2. It'll be free and easy. Teringin plak KFC eh. McD too. Walls. Air tebu. Nachos. Heh. Puasa lah! Aiyo.

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