Thursday, September 3, 2009


dammit i miss my MuMuLand!

lazy day. i mean - lazy mornin hell yeah. i know it aint good to start a day wit dis kinda feelin, but i jst wanna be true to my own feelin, i think. i was like draggin myself to the washroom, get changed and yawnin like a hungry panther (panther kah?) all the way to the office. i am not sure of why - i did crash my MuMuLand pretty darn early last nite, i think. heh, 11pm is awal la, kan? and further more - its a batik day. argkhhh..

but i enjoyed drivin dis mornin. tho the jalan was kinda bz (yeah - 10 to 15 cars infront of me, hell yeah), but its ok. why? coz i am back into my Iswara Aeroback. yeah - my so-called 'first wife'. she was there in the porch w/o bein moved for coupla days since roadtax/insurance dah mati.. and the battery suddenly went flat like nobdy biz. i went get a new one smlm; brought it back wit the feelin of 'so tak pasti' how to fix it well, then. laugh if u want to, but hey - i aint a bimbo! fine. if u dun know how to fix bateri kereta - it doesnt makes u a bimbo, rite? rite? shait. jst dat i never do such thang, cldnt careless pun. and dis time around - i got myself for her - a brand new dry-cell kinda battery - maintenance-less. tak payah gadoh2 nak isi air bateri segala bagai. heh. renyah! u fix it there, u use it well, cukup dua tahun (dats wat the amoi kat kedai bateri kereta tu told me), u go get it changed a new one. viollllaaaaaa! life is so damn easy, eh?

i am contemplating - to work or not to work.. to work or not to work *yawn*.

damn. can i jst go home, now? argkhh..


artisticklytouch said...

nak pasang bateri pun tak reti ke? bateri hanpon reti pasang?

jerry maguire, jr. said...