Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yawn-less day, alrite.

a real good morning. woke up after re-Mumu (after done wit sahur) wit kinda fresh body and mind - aku hit for shower alrite. by 6.45am; aku alrdy on the road headin for the office. i know its way darn too early, but i gez its alrite. it is somethg yg aku dah been doin for years, and i am fine wit it. i am planning to settle my back-log psychiatry wards clinical bed-side teaching today. coupla wards to go around seein the stdnts - but its ok. its my major, and i know i'll be glad doin it.

i am still havin dis tot in my mind. i wanted to write about it yesterday nite - but i dun really keen of writing pun last nite. its about how ur simple gestures, wishes, words sometimes can turn the world all around in a good manner. sometimes - by pickin up phones and talk to a long-lost frens, simple good words, wishes, concerns, greetings, gestures and such will leave a very good, nice impact dat u never imagine in others. and yesterday - i am pretty glad - i was havin dis broad smilin on my face for some small gestures of mine - had ended up makin other ppls' day nice (i think) and yeah - i do love it alrite. it makes me feel nice and happy as well. and sometime - i wish; we cld be doin dat to one another alrite; all the time - and put us in a better world to live in. y we hav to be damn selfish - thinkin about ourselves all the time - and hurt someone else in the process? life's a karma. wat goes around - will definitely comes around. and the same thang wit the sayin - u will always get, wat u giv. duncha think so?

Mr Bong pagi2 lagik dah cari aku - its regarding Ajak again. he's still in kurantin for the ILI and will only be out of it esok.. yet dia byk plak classes dat he shld be covering. aiyooo.. ni krisis dalaman weh! so aku jst sit there and do the listenin. before aku done openin up my mouth to say anythg at all, he was like 'tu je Shah.. bukan pe pun - aku jst nak kongsi dgn ko..' and off he went outta room, smiling. heh. ppl.

wishin u a great day, today. i am gonna hav a great one too, indeed. cant wait for the weekend tho.

will be back, soon.

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