Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday.. heh!

cant really sleep. i dun really remember wat time aku dozed off. heh. tup2 alarm cube aku dah terjerit2.. and aku remember havin my brain workin yet havin the eyes closed. dammit. its gonna be a long day, today! mandi2, solat and.. gez wat? baju fav aku yg selama neh pakai dok pakai (the last time aku had it on was like.. 3wks back la kot) suddnely turned up to be - erk, not to say ketat sgt la (no! i am not tryin to be denial, freakin shait!) but the fact is - a bit of sendat.. erm, sendat is aint the rite word. i mean - tak selesa la kot. heh. but its ok. not dat obvious. hehe.. worder wats wrong wit the shirt. bley? damn - i gotta hit gym.. like - stat!

gotta finish up works at the office first before off runnin to Surgical Ward 3A today - coverin Mr Bong. hate it, but i aint got no choice. its been like ages since aku last cover up any surgical area. i love it pretty damn much - it aint dat hard. its like 'cut, open up and see' rather than anythg at all.

to think it back again. aku malas sgt! huwaaa..

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