Friday, September 18, 2009

mini m

Imagine i töök me 3hrs plus dr Ipoh to Taiping! Mght as well raya kat KL je, for Ipoh KL pun 3jam. Heh. Thkg of h'way cld be cramp wit cars, aku decided to go thru by-way je. Itu pun byk kete lori moto bagai. Tp tak la busy sgt. Jst dat ramai stupid drivers arnd. And dat makes it lambat, u knw wat i mean. Btw, smpai je rumah mak - cik and ngah dah ada wit their fmly. And of coz the whole gang of mini m. Areeyna, Hakimie, Hazwan, Hazique, Hasif & Sara. Most of em mcm kena sampuk antu raya seein my car smpai, excpt Sara yg ala2 malu sgt. Heh. Malu ke? And gez wat? Dats it. I mean, there goes my privacy time into the drain. Even now pun, aku try nak hav a nap; dorg bley wat shuffle atas katil. And dis is the only time when nak je aku sangkut every each of em kat hanger, and bubuh dorg sekor2 sangkut dlm almari. Argkh!

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