Thursday, September 17, 2009

last day..

last day at the office. i dun feel like workin pun. nah - i dun really catchin up wit the raya mood as yet, but then again - most of the workmates dah start cuti and a look on the stdnts' face pun dah cukup showin em all r not really in ere - basically sumer org dah kat kampung masing2. u knw - its like the body and the soul r no longer together in one place.

managed to finish up coupla thgs for the week after the raya week. will be teachin on 28 and 29, and the rest of it, i'll be away out of the office. so better off done wit all thgs, alrite. supposedly aku kena go around KKs for clinical teaching/visiting. tp malas la.. i mght as well catch wit coupla KKs dah la kot. enuff for the day.

will be doin the packing today. packing last2 minit confirm kang ada je yg tertinggal. songkok, baju melayu full suit, butang baju malay, sampin, kasut etc etc. heh. think of leavin the town off for mum's trow early morn. tp ada aptment dgn Arel MayBank la plak - so around 10am la kot.. hope the road will clear up by the time aku masuk hi-way. bley? hehe

i know ppl r so into all dis raya thang - but then, for me.. erm - its the gathering of the family members, dats the most important thang. other than dat - food and such, i dun really into it. i am not sure y i aint eager dat much nowadays. may be the age factor la kot..

but then again - alhamdulillah - i am still breathing, i am still around to celebrate Eid'ul Fitr dis time around..

and i shall celebrate it well, in fact.

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Anonymous said...

selamat hari raya shahe.