Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am home! finally.


after drivin for about 6hrs plus - finally i am home. thank God. dis is where i really wanna be - for the first time, i think. the flow was kinda OK - not dat bz, in fact. and i was like takin my sweet time - for theres nothg really yg wld makes me wanna rush. i was havin dis Sarah McLachlan MirrorBall Concert stuffed my ears. and a bit of ColdPlay, of coz. and wit all dat - i remember doin a bit of thinkin - ere and there. its a damn boring kinda journey - wit stuff up yr ears - how cld u resist havin ur mind flyin, wanderin about hell yeah? i remember thinkin about quite a number of thgs - my life, for instance. how foolish i am, how blessed i am and kinda thgs like dat. and how karma plays major thgs thru it all. and how i stumbled into lot of thgs i refused to think it back. and how i am blessed for havin frens - a great ones, around me. family and such.

and of coz - once in a while - i did throw out coupla curse for some stupid drivers yg tak reti nak bwk kereta, yet nak bawak jgak. heh!

above all - aku dah smpai rumah. alhamdulillah. jap lagik nak press baju keje, kemas2 sket pe patot. Mr Bong awal2 lagik dah call - gotta cover up Ward Surgical 3A trow morn. ada kelas ke aku eh, esok? heh.

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