Thursday, September 24, 2009

happy bird-day, damia!

some says shes cute. called her 'cutie'. some says she's cunning - for all the others wld called 'ayam', she'd be proud callin it 'chicken'. and 'cat' for 'kucing'. she'll never forget to say 'thank you' in her own 'pelat' each time she gets wat she wants. she's damn manja wit most of the ppl she knows and i know she learns a lot. and she's Nurul Aqilah Damia.

and gez wat - she's 2yo, today.

i remember the day she came into dis world. everybdy was like mcm panic alrite - the mother shldve be in labour, normal delivery - but thgs wasnt come rite.. ended up the mother wit LSCS jst to get Damia out to the world. and thru out the process, the mother too - went thru lots of complications - hypertensive, nyaris2 aborted on her early trimester and such.

but dat was then. she's now a grown up lil gal. she walks around, running around like nbdy biz. shes even learnin to cycle around now in her new tri-cycle her grandad bought her. she loves to hav me reading her story book wit Humpty Dumpty and London Bridge is Falling Down in it. he'll get me and nobdy else to read it for her. and she'll claps her hands and the end of it..

i am prayin to God above - she'll get thru life alrite. she'll grow up bein someone good, beriman dan solehah, taat pada mak ayah. and i pray to God too - she'll be keeping her cute-ness till the end, for dats the thang dat makes ppl falls for her, instantly.

Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun, Damia!!

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:: NbC :: said...

Happy 2nd birthday cutie Damia..! Many happy returns. Semoga Damia jd anak solehah & happykan walid & umi ye, insyallah.