Friday, September 11, 2009

friday - thank God!

a bit kelam kabut today - and it makes me a better choice to jst go pecut naik moto je pi keje. less than 10mins - aku alrdy in the office and doin thgs. a class wit budak2 junior about Introduction to Sociology - aku brought back coupla books, notes to read.. but by 10pm semlm - aku dah bungkang. so nota ke mana, buku ke mana.. and pagi ni baru nak go thru some literature, so dat the class wld go kinda smooth indeed. ended up at 10am - tekak aku dah kering. kering sgt2 neh! cemaneh? hehe

will be leavin the buildin by noon, today. bus for KL at 3pm, ETA 6pm lbey la kot.. Ancasa Hotel for iftar wit coupla nice ppls around. cant wait.

will do the updating from KL then, i think.

hav a great weekend eh.

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chen said...

Enjoy ur kl stay! have a good time