Saturday, September 26, 2009


The drawing looks pretty dull. There r too many depressing colors used. I thk i've seen dis drawing s'where, dat it made by one famous person i cant rmbr who. And dis must be the commersialized China made ones. Its been there up the wall for ages now. Nbody really cares. I gez they put dis up the wall, jst to fill up the blank. For the sake of making use of the space. The drawing definitely looks like 'nothg' at all. It was jst a vase of flowers, wit some petals falling apart. But the whole composition - the colors, whole drawing definitely tells smthg about the person who painted dis alrite. Nah, i aint doin dis now. Here i am, lying in the coach wit a fuckin headache bugging my bloody head eversince Subuh dis morn. I vomitted coupla times. And dis giddiness makes me feel so helpless. Its been a while since i had the episode.. And ere i am, tryin to hav some rest, some sleep yet i jst cant. And the drawing up the wall keeps me awake, and my bloody faculties in the brain keep on workin; and obviously, dat aint help. I wish i cld jst 'mute' myslf and get drown to MuMu, jst like dat..

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