Tuesday, September 1, 2009


cant really sleep well. there r thgs dat buggin my head alrite. and the headache too. woke up dis mornin to the same feelin, dat i need to drag myself to the washroom after like 30mins lyin there, doin nthg - hopin the pain wld ease by itself. so - no sahur, no nthg.

first day at work after like few days away from it. nthg to be much ado of. i am in the office now - lookin at the room wit the emtpy feelin; theres so many thgs to be done, yet i dun really hav heart of doin any. i still feel sort of dizzy, but a bit much better. and first day too - i'll be in SOPD dis mornin for my review. after bein kicked ere and there - i gez i landed up at where i shld be. i am leavin for Penang too, towards end of the week to settle coupla thgs pending. and it aint somethg dat i really wanna do, of doin.

i gez dat it is.

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