Sunday, September 6, 2009

..and the award goes to

..all these kids. Areeyna, Damia, Hazwan and Hakimie. 4 of em enuf to rock the whole shait. Let alone if Hasif, Haziq and few more left, wld be arnd. Matilewwmelk!


Anonymous said...

It really fun to read all your writing..

Hey...I learn that you kinda up smthg in Photography ya...Why don't you take a good nature picture and sell it..
I'm a photographer as well...but not professional. Take it for leisure..K! Wish you luck

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hi anon -

thanks - i shall take it as a compliment.

i love photographing. and i am still at the green stage of it, well. jst enroll some sort of classes on it.

i wish u all the very best, too mister. it aint too late - for anythg at all, eh?

Anonymous said...

yah...try to register some of your profile along with the picture that u capture in a photo stock online such as or or

I figured that u tried to take a macro picture. ain't u? let me share some of the tips, hope that it'll give u some benefit though...

when using macro, you should set your lense to F2.8...using full and high source of light, use ISO400 instead. if you have tripod, the picture will be much nicer coz any small movement should be avoided during picture capturing..set the aperture as small as possible. there's many technique to do may refer to some of the technique in youtube..use burst snap (taking multiple picture so that you'll have variety focus on the object)...give me your email and i'll show you some of the picture that I shoot around my house...

jerry maguire, jr. said...

hi there -

thanks for the tips. i really really appreciate it damn well. i love doin it macro, indeed. and will try doin it as suggested by u anyway.

pls do advice - for i am jst a plain 'buah cempedak di luar pagar'.

my email is -