Thursday, September 17, 2009

the A thang.

'who says life's fair? ur aunty? heh'.

i was doin nthg at all when a good fren of mine called in. it aint suprised to hav such call from A, for we did talk every now and then. A will always be around when i am in deep shait. and mght as well as i wanna be around A too - when A needs a shoulder. A is a strong person. A wld easy listen to others like hell, like nobdy biz. and A wld do anythg at all - name it, u'll get it, under the wide broad sky - jst to make u feel happy. and appreciated. and no wonder y A had so many frens - all type of frens, of coz. i always do pray to God A will get wat A gives to others. u know - it aint easy to be one, rite? to be there when ppl needs u the most. to cheer up ppl when deep down - u urself dun even know how it feels like for u. and soothe teary ppl, jst like dat. but A does it alrite. the magic touch dat A's havin, impress me like shait, dat i wish i cld be like A - thru out the life.

but then again - life's a roller coaster. there'll always be ups and downs, and u know dat alrite, rite? today - A called me in a different tone of voice. A cried at the end of the line - makin me so freakin hopeless, helpless for i wanted theres so many thgs i wanted to do - to soothe A down. and theres so many words runnin around my head - i wanted to say em out loud; for at least - if dats wld pacify A down, i'd be blessed. but then again - who am i to say a word? i wasnt asked for some kinda advice - therefore, i jst stayed silence, and listened to A well.


i wanted to u know dat - dis is life. it aint gonna be jst like we wanted it to be - all the time. i wont go comparing urs wit mine - for i know, i din know a shait of how ur feelin alrite, for i wasnt in ur shoes. and i wont go tellin u dat i know how'd u feel - for dammit - i know u've been thru a lot more, than me.

but theres one thg dat we share. i mean - one thg dat everybdy's sharing. dat how ppl tend to do anythg at all -when we really do love someone. the feeling of responsibility. and the sadness when after all dat we've done, after all dat we've been thru - yet we r not even appreciated. at all. no. we din ask for a material thang alrite. jst a simple sign of showin dat they care and they knew wat we've been doin to em r well-appreciated wld be jst fine for us. but most of the time - ppl tend to forget dis. ppl tend to take thgs for granted - dat we wld always be around; for we hav to be around and we dun hav courage to jst let go and walk away - so dat they'll learn a lesson well.

i know u wont do dat, A. for ur aint kinda person like dat. but - let us learn a lesson from it well. ppl will always be ppl, as they r born to be one. let it be ur fren, ur sibbling and all. u love em alrite. and theres nthg wrong wit dat yeah. but let it half for yrself - half of it - for if they do shait to u - u still do the love; the half of it, wit u alrite. and u wont be in dat deep-shait, dat much. love urself well, tho i know it mght sounds selfish - yet, dats the fact of life. hav some proud. dignity. never leave a single space for other to hurt u, remember?

i always believe in wat u give is wat u get. be it if they din appreciate u well. but u've been doin darn way too good, rite? one day - they'll know. and they'll regret it.

ur one strong person A. u always r. and dats wat u shld be, now. its ok to be feel sad. to cry. jst be true to ur own feelin. and dat'll help u wit all dis, trust me.

and trust in Allah too. for He knows well.

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