Tuesday, September 29, 2009


there's a time for the good in life
a time to kill the pain
in life

there's the time to place your bets in life
i've played the loser's game of life
dream about the sun
and you're the rain.

time went by
as i wrote your name in the sky
fly fly away

bye bye

Monday, September 28, 2009


somehow - it aint a perfect Monday for me then. i know i shldve be more positive, but in fact i am - but then; thgs somehow r not meant to be the way it is. less expectation i know, dammit - but again - i jst can t help it. nvm then - sometimes thgs r jst like dat. u cant jst expect thgs to be alrite, most of the fuckin time.

i started to consider of quitting FB for good. for many reasons indeed. deactivated it once, but now - think i am tired of it. it taxed too much of time either. i dun know.

Monday.. heh!

cant really sleep. i dun really remember wat time aku dozed off. heh. tup2 alarm cube aku dah terjerit2.. and aku remember havin my brain workin yet havin the eyes closed. dammit. its gonna be a long day, today! mandi2, solat and.. gez wat? baju fav aku yg selama neh pakai dok pakai (the last time aku had it on was like.. 3wks back la kot) suddnely turned up to be - erk, not to say ketat sgt la (no! i am not tryin to be denial, freakin shait!) but the fact is - a bit of sendat.. erm, sendat is aint the rite word. i mean - tak selesa la kot. heh. but its ok. not dat obvious. hehe.. worder wats wrong wit the shirt. bley? damn - i gotta hit gym.. like - stat!

gotta finish up works at the office first before off runnin to Surgical Ward 3A today - coverin Mr Bong. hate it, but i aint got no choice. its been like ages since aku last cover up any surgical area. i love it pretty damn much - it aint dat hard. its like 'cut, open up and see' rather than anythg at all.

to think it back again. aku malas sgt! huwaaa..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

i am home! finally.


after drivin for about 6hrs plus - finally i am home. thank God. dis is where i really wanna be - for the first time, i think. the flow was kinda OK - not dat bz, in fact. and i was like takin my sweet time - for theres nothg really yg wld makes me wanna rush. i was havin dis Sarah McLachlan MirrorBall Concert stuffed my ears. and a bit of ColdPlay, of coz. and wit all dat - i remember doin a bit of thinkin - ere and there. its a damn boring kinda journey - wit stuff up yr ears - how cld u resist havin ur mind flyin, wanderin about hell yeah? i remember thinkin about quite a number of thgs - my life, for instance. how foolish i am, how blessed i am and kinda thgs like dat. and how karma plays major thgs thru it all. and how i stumbled into lot of thgs i refused to think it back. and how i am blessed for havin frens - a great ones, around me. family and such.

and of coz - once in a while - i did throw out coupla curse for some stupid drivers yg tak reti nak bwk kereta, yet nak bawak jgak. heh!

above all - aku dah smpai rumah. alhamdulillah. jap lagik nak press baju keje, kemas2 sket pe patot. Mr Bong awal2 lagik dah call - gotta cover up Ward Surgical 3A trow morn. ada kelas ke aku eh, esok? heh.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


The drawing looks pretty dull. There r too many depressing colors used. I thk i've seen dis drawing s'where, dat it made by one famous person i cant rmbr who. And dis must be the commersialized China made ones. Its been there up the wall for ages now. Nbody really cares. I gez they put dis up the wall, jst to fill up the blank. For the sake of making use of the space. The drawing definitely looks like 'nothg' at all. It was jst a vase of flowers, wit some petals falling apart. But the whole composition - the colors, whole drawing definitely tells smthg about the person who painted dis alrite. Nah, i aint doin dis now. Here i am, lying in the coach wit a fuckin headache bugging my bloody head eversince Subuh dis morn. I vomitted coupla times. And dis giddiness makes me feel so helpless. Its been a while since i had the episode.. And ere i am, tryin to hav some rest, some sleep yet i jst cant. And the drawing up the wall keeps me awake, and my bloody faculties in the brain keep on workin; and obviously, dat aint help. I wish i cld jst 'mute' myslf and get drown to MuMu, jst like dat..

Thursday, September 24, 2009

cant wait..

Well, dats how i feel. I aint sure of wat it is, but i really feel dat i jst cant wait. For sthg, perhaps. To get bck home, may be. To be back in the office, hell no. Heh. But again, there an urge inside.. for sthg i cant stand waiting, making me hardly wait till it comes in for real. Or dis cld be nthg. Who knws. Ridiculous, it is. I mean, dis entry. Heh.

pics pt.2

and i gez pics explain more than words, aye?

pics pt.1

tired of doin nthg, i wandered around mak abah's house wit my camera in the hand. i dun hav any in particular to shot, usually aku jst amek coupla shoots and see if its menjadi. since i am in Tumpat now, and the berokband is so like fcuked-up slow.. nak upload the pics seksa sgt. so aku upload 5 of em first la.. and the rest of em all, will be done once aku balik Ipoh je la nanti.

meanwhile - watdya think?

happy bird-day, damia!

some says shes cute. called her 'cutie'. some says she's cunning - for all the others wld called 'ayam', she'd be proud callin it 'chicken'. and 'cat' for 'kucing'. she'll never forget to say 'thank you' in her own 'pelat' each time she gets wat she wants. she's damn manja wit most of the ppl she knows and i know she learns a lot. and she's Nurul Aqilah Damia.

and gez wat - she's 2yo, today.

i remember the day she came into dis world. everybdy was like mcm panic alrite - the mother shldve be in labour, normal delivery - but thgs wasnt come rite.. ended up the mother wit LSCS jst to get Damia out to the world. and thru out the process, the mother too - went thru lots of complications - hypertensive, nyaris2 aborted on her early trimester and such.

but dat was then. she's now a grown up lil gal. she walks around, running around like nbdy biz. shes even learnin to cycle around now in her new tri-cycle her grandad bought her. she loves to hav me reading her story book wit Humpty Dumpty and London Bridge is Falling Down in it. he'll get me and nobdy else to read it for her. and she'll claps her hands and the end of it..

i am prayin to God above - she'll get thru life alrite. she'll grow up bein someone good, beriman dan solehah, taat pada mak ayah. and i pray to God too - she'll be keeping her cute-ness till the end, for dats the thang dat makes ppl falls for her, instantly.

Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun, Damia!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

makan.. lagi.

Decided to ride a bike down to Kg Kenak, looking for its famous nasik krabs. Tp tak bukak la pulak the stall. Makan ati la aku.. Dah 2 ari aku berulang dtg the stall, tak bukak2. Heh. Sakan mak cik neh raya. Tak ingat nak niaga ke? Lari kang pelanggan! Bley? Called rmh, they changed the plan. Instead of havin nasik krabs for dinner, dorg nak mkn laksa/laksam la plak. So ere i am, all the way dr Kg Tok Oh, dtg ke Talak, cari laksa/laksam. 3kg laksa, for dinner. As Joshy used to comment in one of my status - carbs way too darn difficult to resist. Damn. Matilewwmelkgumok. Heh.

wat to do, eh?

I gez dats the question for tday. Woke at 8am, aku baru perasan yg aku 'dah kena tinggal' for aku shldve off for a wet market to buy dis and dat. Alasan, 'bgun lmbt sgt, nanti ikan abes'. Heh. Great. Now aku tak pyh wake up and change, dat aku bley tarik the selimut back again. Argkh, nape la sejuk sgt weh! Smlm, Wildan called me up since he and Wahaza nak ajak aku 'ngopi'. And it was alrdy 10pm. Lewat sgt plak rasanya dat i hav to politely say 'no'. So as a return, jap lg arnd 11am, i mght be seein em both la skjp, gossip2. Hehe.. *yawn*

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

miniMs on Eid'ul Fitr.

pak long!!!

i think i started to miss my minimonsters alrite. the chaos, the stupidity. the can-u-stop-buggin-me-for-a-sec kinda thang. and of coz - pak long dis and pak long dat.

and yeah - i fall in love wit dis Mariah Carey's new H.A.T.E U as well. freakin superb. i had dis goosebumps listenin to it.


thanx 4 nothin'

I rmber listenin to dis Mariah Carey's again and again, during my deep-in-shait coupla mths back. The lyrics, the song cuts thru me, and i really hate myslf for wat i went thru, for wat i am at dat particular time. I hate myslf for i knw i shldve knwn better, but i preferred to deal wit the game while me myslf, i din really knw how strong i was at dat particular time. It ended up i felt ashame of myslf, indeed. I felt so wasted. The time. The love and all. And today, after wat i've been thru - ere i am listenin to my mp4; browsing from a song to another, and for the first time really, i hav the nerve to listen do dis, back again. And gez wat? I din feel a shait now. No more numb. No more drillin sensation in me. I gez i am stronger now. And i pray to Lord God, i dun hav to go thru dat shait, again. God sake.


Second day in ere. And its way still early in the morn., for me. Well yeah, its 7 sthg meh! And its damn cold. I cld hear the chaos kat dapur, but then - aku malas sgt nak amek port. And malas sgt nak bgun, as well. Its cold la.. Rasa rugi plak. And gez wats for breakfast? Heh. U knw better. Gotta go. Lapar weh! U hav a gr8 day, ya.

Monday, September 21, 2009

me and my mum..

..no doubt, she's like no one at all. Along loves u, mak.


Finally, we reached Tumpat, Kelantan. As for me, its a tiring journey. It takes 5hrs for we din stop at all - i mean, yeah. Once. Itu pun since aku rasa mcm nak rupture bladder aku holding bck my pee. Ok la, 5hrs. Tp penat, since w'pun jalan not dat jammed, it was full wit cars. Up till Grik, aku was ok. Tp msuk je Jeli, aku mula tensed up. U cant say one - a pakcik yg b'janggut kopiah putih, tp drive like freakin shait. Let alone all the youngs one. If u thk i am makin up a generalization based on emo., *teeet*.. ur dead wrong. Come down ere. Do some behind-a-wheel thang once. U knw wat i mean. Btw, aku smpai ere wit sort of mix feeling. Bosan. Eager. Lousy. Sickening. Etc. But i knw myslf darn well. Its always like dat on the first day. Tp by trow, i'll be ok. And aku'll hate myslf bila the day i gotta leave dis kg behind. Actually, tak de apa special sgt pun - but the differences amazed me.. culture, foods etc. Heh. Its raining. Post-prandial. I thk i am started to hav dis 'mata kian mengecil' kinda phenomenon.. *yawn*. Wat else to do in ere? Heh.

Tumpat = tapai.

2nd Syawal. Everybdy like over golek-ing post Subuh. Arnd 9am, bru rmh mak mcm tiber2 je chaos dgn bdk2, their mummies screaming dis and dat and daddies laughing over cuppas. Minimonsters waktu ni la jgk b'rebut2 washrooms, b'atur ikut turn etc. Hazwan plak dok mengikut aku ke hulu hilir, tuntut janji aku mandikan dia wit bubbles. Isk, pagi neh.. Bubbles lah! Sejuk weh.. Kimie plak dok b'kawat across the hall wit balang kerepek in his hand while the mouth munching tak henti. Soleh still in the couch wit his blanket infrnt the google-box; post-lawan bola on Astro smlm. Aku malas la nak mandi. Tot of b'tolak ke Tumpat arnd 11am. Tp tak packing pe pun lagi. Tumpat on Aidil Fitri means tapai la. Tapai means makan sampai mabuk.. Bley? Heh. Malas la. Its gonna be a long day, today..

Sunday, September 20, 2009


''The greates thing you'll ever learn is just to love, and be loved in return..'', Ewan McGregor, from Moulin Rouge. Damn. Duncha thk its so damn bloody true, eh? *sigh*

sunset of 1 Syawal

Its the end of 1 Syawal. The whole fmly; like 3 cars of us reached home at dawn lps puas merayau2 thru out Taiping, ere and there; ziarah saudara mara mak, abh which most of us kenal, and ada jgk yg tak brp nak kenal pun. Alhamdulillah, since mak was arnd; she's the mastermind of the whole trip then. Aku btol2 penat, letih and ngantok. Penat dgn kerenah mini2Ms, letih ngadap all sort of foods, drinks etc. And mak, bila dah ngadap all aunties etc, b'gebang mcm.. argkh, malas nak ckp. Nanti kena panah petir plak. Tp kami adik bradik tak larat buat muka, tarik muka, bermuka-muka dan lain-lain jenis mula lar, baru nak gerak. Aku and Soleh tak daya lagi dah nak ber-plasticology. Heh. So mlm ni, dah tak larat nak apa2 dah, xcpt golek2 sajork. And enjoy laksa Penang mak. Aiyoo, mok mok kuasa dua..

Its Aidil Fitri!

Post-solat raya..

sunrise on Eid'ul Fitr

Woke up early in the morn at 5.30am after mak wakes me up. Cik, angah and whole fmly dah siap2 for Subuh b'jemaah, for dats wat the most important routine we do on Eid'ul Fitr. Soleh azan Subuh, since dis is his 'era', me and cik been doin dat for yrs, before. Abah will imamkan Subuh, and all of us will berjemaah ramai2. After done wit Subuh, we'll gather arnd w/o leaving tempat solat masing2; saling b'maaf2an. Mak as usual will shed some tears, angah pun - whch definitely buat the whole fmly t'rasa. And only after dat, we will go doin thgs - the ladies will kalut kat dapur, abh will 'tawaf' pergi balik tgk cucu2 dia, cik and abg ngah kalut doin their thgs while aku mcm biasak cntract iron bju melayu raya mak dan abah, Soleh and my own. Solat raya will be at 9 and mak nak all of us hav our own breakfast first before off for the mosque. As for me, dis is 'raya'. The get together, the joyous of being arnd celebrating Syawal yg mulia, after whole Ramadhan. It aint about new expensive spending, it aint about jst be back in ere for the sake of it. Dis is the day aku've been waiting. And dis is the day aku've been anticipating. Mak abah is still arnd, and it makes the whole scenerio, diffrnt alrite. And at one look mak's, aku tau how she wishes kak yang & fmly wld be arnd, as much as all of us do. I am proud of being apart of dis fmly. And i am proud we do dis Eid'ul Mubarak way different from the others. Thkg of dis makes me havin dis mixed feelin i dun knw how to explain.. Wit all dat, aku amek ksempatan di sini utk menyusun sepuluh jari, memohon kemaafan atas segala salah silap aku, tutur kata, perilaku, gerak bhasa yg cld be menyakitkan hati, melukakan perasaan any one at all - be it s/ada wit or wit out intention. Maafkan aku, zahir dan batin. Salam Eid'ul Fitr al Mubarak, fellas.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selama, for minor-shopping.

Final touch up before raya. Mum pesan dis and dat, kak ngah too - so aku decided to drive down ere to Pekan Selama, one of the small town dkt kg aku. Aku malas sbnrnya, since aku bley agak pekan will be flooded dgn ramai org, plus driver2 outsider yg mcm 'heh, aku org bndar, aku drive mcm org bndar, ko org kg, respect sket!' kinda thang. Heh. Ujan plak neh. Mana mak aku neh? Haiyoo


Kimie wit his merajuk mode, on. Sentap la tu. Kena marah dgn aku pagi2 sepe'ie. Mana tak, aku tgh best sleeping beauty post-Subuh, dia dgn si Hazwan bley panjat katil aku, shuffled. And the worst part was, siap seludup hp umi dia, pasang lagu raya, and shuffle to it. Wit the tot of their pak long will join lah? Mmg tak lar! Sawan la aku sekejap. Berterabur lari kuar bilik. And to make thg worst, aku dah tak bley tdo. Went arnd lookin for em both, only to find masing2 menikus tdo kat ruang tamu wit muka msg2 mcm taik lembu. Heh. Tau pun takut eh? Merajuk. Sian plak aku tgk. Jrg2 sgt aku tinggi suara dgn mini2monsters. Nyesal weh! Tp tak pe. Dis is pak long. Bkn aunty long ke, aper. And dis pea-nut sajork. Tak susah dgn bdk2 neh. Tau la aku ngumpan sekor2! Heh.

Friday, September 18, 2009

missing you..

Kak nyah and kak yang (standing). Kinda missing her (kak yang) so much, esp at time like dis. Her stupid jokes, her kepala gelong and so much more.. Mak tak kasik aku bg kak yang menu for raya, but i bet she'll knw soon pun. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, kak yang. Maaf zahir batin. Along syg kak yang, so much along dun knw how to tell. Erk, jgn lupa eh yang. Nikon D3000 for along's bird-day, ya. Or tak pun, D5000. Hehe


Some ppl says Taiping equal to org2 pencen. Or tmpt cikgu2 pencen. Some of my KLite frens Taiping such a spooky town. Nthg's ere. Esp at nite. I rmbr having dis serba tak kena feeling each time kwn2 aku dtg from big cities to pay me a visit there, waktu aku keje and stayed there. But dat was the initial stage. Lama2 aku dah lali. U dtg dr KL etc, and u complain dis and dat; xpcting Taiping wld be the same? Heh. Get a life. Bukan aku nak being defensive, tp aku kdg2 tak fhm. Sebndar2 ko pun, asal usul mana, eh? Kelakar, kan? But the fact is - i love Taiping. I was born in ere, tho aku've been raised up in Selama, Perak. Taiping skang dah grand. Siap ada panggung wayang, mall, Giant, Tesco, McD etc. Of coz la tak sama dgn KL or Ipoh. But watdya xpct, kan? Heh

mini m

Imagine i töök me 3hrs plus dr Ipoh to Taiping! Mght as well raya kat KL je, for Ipoh KL pun 3jam. Heh. Thkg of h'way cld be cramp wit cars, aku decided to go thru by-way je. Itu pun byk kete lori moto bagai. Tp tak la busy sgt. Jst dat ramai stupid drivers arnd. And dat makes it lambat, u knw wat i mean. Btw, smpai je rumah mak - cik and ngah dah ada wit their fmly. And of coz the whole gang of mini m. Areeyna, Hakimie, Hazwan, Hazique, Hasif & Sara. Most of em mcm kena sampuk antu raya seein my car smpai, excpt Sara yg ala2 malu sgt. Heh. Malu ke? And gez wat? Dats it. I mean, there goes my privacy time into the drain. Even now pun, aku try nak hav a nap; dorg bley wat shuffle atas katil. And dis is the only time when nak je aku sangkut every each of em kat hanger, and bubuh dorg sekor2 sangkut dlm almari. Argkh!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

iftar @ skol

I hav to admit dat aku malas sgt wit all dis, tp since dah kena jemput, aku dtg la jgk. Its Majlis Berbuka Puasa dan Khatam Al Quran SMK Tambun. Bkn aku malas pe, cuma aku tak knl sape2 pun sini except the Pengetua, dat i hav to socialize arnd. Heh.

the A thang.

'who says life's fair? ur aunty? heh'.

i was doin nthg at all when a good fren of mine called in. it aint suprised to hav such call from A, for we did talk every now and then. A will always be around when i am in deep shait. and mght as well as i wanna be around A too - when A needs a shoulder. A is a strong person. A wld easy listen to others like hell, like nobdy biz. and A wld do anythg at all - name it, u'll get it, under the wide broad sky - jst to make u feel happy. and appreciated. and no wonder y A had so many frens - all type of frens, of coz. i always do pray to God A will get wat A gives to others. u know - it aint easy to be one, rite? to be there when ppl needs u the most. to cheer up ppl when deep down - u urself dun even know how it feels like for u. and soothe teary ppl, jst like dat. but A does it alrite. the magic touch dat A's havin, impress me like shait, dat i wish i cld be like A - thru out the life.

but then again - life's a roller coaster. there'll always be ups and downs, and u know dat alrite, rite? today - A called me in a different tone of voice. A cried at the end of the line - makin me so freakin hopeless, helpless for i wanted theres so many thgs i wanted to do - to soothe A down. and theres so many words runnin around my head - i wanted to say em out loud; for at least - if dats wld pacify A down, i'd be blessed. but then again - who am i to say a word? i wasnt asked for some kinda advice - therefore, i jst stayed silence, and listened to A well.


i wanted to u know dat - dis is life. it aint gonna be jst like we wanted it to be - all the time. i wont go comparing urs wit mine - for i know, i din know a shait of how ur feelin alrite, for i wasnt in ur shoes. and i wont go tellin u dat i know how'd u feel - for dammit - i know u've been thru a lot more, than me.

but theres one thg dat we share. i mean - one thg dat everybdy's sharing. dat how ppl tend to do anythg at all -when we really do love someone. the feeling of responsibility. and the sadness when after all dat we've done, after all dat we've been thru - yet we r not even appreciated. at all. no. we din ask for a material thang alrite. jst a simple sign of showin dat they care and they knew wat we've been doin to em r well-appreciated wld be jst fine for us. but most of the time - ppl tend to forget dis. ppl tend to take thgs for granted - dat we wld always be around; for we hav to be around and we dun hav courage to jst let go and walk away - so dat they'll learn a lesson well.

i know u wont do dat, A. for ur aint kinda person like dat. but - let us learn a lesson from it well. ppl will always be ppl, as they r born to be one. let it be ur fren, ur sibbling and all. u love em alrite. and theres nthg wrong wit dat yeah. but let it half for yrself - half of it - for if they do shait to u - u still do the love; the half of it, wit u alrite. and u wont be in dat deep-shait, dat much. love urself well, tho i know it mght sounds selfish - yet, dats the fact of life. hav some proud. dignity. never leave a single space for other to hurt u, remember?

i always believe in wat u give is wat u get. be it if they din appreciate u well. but u've been doin darn way too good, rite? one day - they'll know. and they'll regret it.

ur one strong person A. u always r. and dats wat u shld be, now. its ok to be feel sad. to cry. jst be true to ur own feelin. and dat'll help u wit all dis, trust me.

and trust in Allah too. for He knows well.

last day..

last day at the office. i dun feel like workin pun. nah - i dun really catchin up wit the raya mood as yet, but then again - most of the workmates dah start cuti and a look on the stdnts' face pun dah cukup showin em all r not really in ere - basically sumer org dah kat kampung masing2. u knw - its like the body and the soul r no longer together in one place.

managed to finish up coupla thgs for the week after the raya week. will be teachin on 28 and 29, and the rest of it, i'll be away out of the office. so better off done wit all thgs, alrite. supposedly aku kena go around KKs for clinical teaching/visiting. tp malas la.. i mght as well catch wit coupla KKs dah la kot. enuff for the day.

will be doin the packing today. packing last2 minit confirm kang ada je yg tertinggal. songkok, baju melayu full suit, butang baju malay, sampin, kasut etc etc. heh. think of leavin the town off for mum's trow early morn. tp ada aptment dgn Arel MayBank la plak - so around 10am la kot.. hope the road will clear up by the time aku masuk hi-way. bley? hehe

i know ppl r so into all dis raya thang - but then, for me.. erm - its the gathering of the family members, dats the most important thang. other than dat - food and such, i dun really into it. i am not sure y i aint eager dat much nowadays. may be the age factor la kot..

but then again - alhamdulillah - i am still breathing, i am still around to celebrate Eid'ul Fitr dis time around..

and i shall celebrate it well, in fact.

Monday, September 14, 2009

and the pizza..

..simple, yet superb!


The carbonara's hot! Damn.


Italiannies Pasta Pizza & Vino @ the Curve. Teringin plak nak ber-classic carbonara pasta and pizza. A bit ere and there. No mok mok gurantee. Subway after dis, perhaps. Perhaps.

the curve..

..for b'buka puasa. Wonder wat to hav. Thking of sthg western. Heh.


Waiting can be sucks if u never want to. Waiting can be scary too, if u dun knw wats the end of it. Waiting, as well, can be sweet as pumpkin pie - if u knw its worth waiting, and u knw of wat ur waiting for.. And i thk, i've been arnd dat as well. The waiting thang. Waiting has been shait to me, scary and sweet too.. As for me now, i am counting hrs and time - for sthg i've been wanting to. And its.. nah, nvm. I aint putting it in ere. Jst dat, i am waiting for sthg now. And i jst cant wait.

putrajaya, day 1

And its done. Aku mtk the pengerusi for mesyuarat plus bengkel to 'release us awal' for 'most of us stay kat KL' and 'takut nanti 'trap in a jam'. He took it litely yet suprisingly, towards the end - he's ok wit it. All the seniors r happy wit it and mula started to say 'hi', senyum etc. Heh, perlu ke? I aint need any of dat lah. Choyy! sgt. Anyway, will be b'buka at The Curve today, after 3 days in a row kat hotel2. It'll be free and easy. Teringin plak KFC eh. McD too. Walls. Air tebu. Nachos. Heh. Puasa lah! Aiyo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

and the food..

..heh, lambat lagi siot.


After had a great time smlm at Ancasa, KL for iftar, ari neh its at Pullman, Putrajaya in The Village. Grand place. Seriously, dis aint my kinda place. Aku layak kedai mamak or gerai2 je. But since Bahar, Azman and Azman Dollah dah ajak - aku ikut je la. The crowd pun dah cukup buat aku kinda out of place. But the food.. wow! Meh bukak puasa meh.

Friday, September 11, 2009

friday - thank God!

a bit kelam kabut today - and it makes me a better choice to jst go pecut naik moto je pi keje. less than 10mins - aku alrdy in the office and doin thgs. a class wit budak2 junior about Introduction to Sociology - aku brought back coupla books, notes to read.. but by 10pm semlm - aku dah bungkang. so nota ke mana, buku ke mana.. and pagi ni baru nak go thru some literature, so dat the class wld go kinda smooth indeed. ended up at 10am - tekak aku dah kering. kering sgt2 neh! cemaneh? hehe

will be leavin the buildin by noon, today. bus for KL at 3pm, ETA 6pm lbey la kot.. Ancasa Hotel for iftar wit coupla nice ppls around. cant wait.

will do the updating from KL then, i think.

hav a great weekend eh.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


yawn-less day, alrite.

a real good morning. woke up after re-Mumu (after done wit sahur) wit kinda fresh body and mind - aku hit for shower alrite. by 6.45am; aku alrdy on the road headin for the office. i know its way darn too early, but i gez its alrite. it is somethg yg aku dah been doin for years, and i am fine wit it. i am planning to settle my back-log psychiatry wards clinical bed-side teaching today. coupla wards to go around seein the stdnts - but its ok. its my major, and i know i'll be glad doin it.

i am still havin dis tot in my mind. i wanted to write about it yesterday nite - but i dun really keen of writing pun last nite. its about how ur simple gestures, wishes, words sometimes can turn the world all around in a good manner. sometimes - by pickin up phones and talk to a long-lost frens, simple good words, wishes, concerns, greetings, gestures and such will leave a very good, nice impact dat u never imagine in others. and yesterday - i am pretty glad - i was havin dis broad smilin on my face for some small gestures of mine - had ended up makin other ppls' day nice (i think) and yeah - i do love it alrite. it makes me feel nice and happy as well. and sometime - i wish; we cld be doin dat to one another alrite; all the time - and put us in a better world to live in. y we hav to be damn selfish - thinkin about ourselves all the time - and hurt someone else in the process? life's a karma. wat goes around - will definitely comes around. and the same thang wit the sayin - u will always get, wat u giv. duncha think so?

Mr Bong pagi2 lagik dah cari aku - its regarding Ajak again. he's still in kurantin for the ILI and will only be out of it esok.. yet dia byk plak classes dat he shld be covering. aiyooo.. ni krisis dalaman weh! so aku jst sit there and do the listenin. before aku done openin up my mouth to say anythg at all, he was like 'tu je Shah.. bukan pe pun - aku jst nak kongsi dgn ko..' and off he went outta room, smiling. heh. ppl.

wishin u a great day, today. i am gonna hav a great one too, indeed. cant wait for the weekend tho.

will be back, soon.