Thursday, August 13, 2009


for some reason - i am feelin much better - physical and emotionally. i normally wont go buyin words from ppl about dis and dat about me. words as for me r jst words - they cld sometimes never mean a thang. ppl jst playin wit words for they love doin so. ppl jst put thgs nicely for they know the power of words, hell yeah.. - but dammit tonite - i aint sure wats up wit me then. i jst cant find any suitable words to portray the feelin alrite. some words r jst like melting me down and i feel so damn freakin helpless. heh. it aint a bad thang alrite. i jst love it - the way it is..

reading thgs on Personality Psycho. nope - dats not the paper for trow.. its for Sat. too many chapters to cover dat for the first time around - aku mcm kaget sket. but again - i knw i'd be doin alrite, insyaAllah. i know my capabilities pretty well. paling2 malas, tak bley masuk otak - aku tido je lah!! and mlm ni - around 10pm jap lagik - aku rather off for MuMuLand.. since gotta wake up at 3am and do my thang.. last minit maaa!

life's strange. and its weird alrite. unpredictable. ur down in deep shait only to know dat it wldnt be dat bad. ur down in deep shait only to know - damn! u really learn a lot, and it'd be a fool.. a real fool, if u din learn a thang.

i shall thank God then. for thgs He brings me.


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