Tuesday, August 18, 2009


dun u think so?

ppl dat know me well, know well enuff dat i am sort of devoid of coupla thang when it comes to all dis sort of superstitions, co-incidence, 'tak sengaja' kinda thang and paranormal inclinations. i dun believe in ESP, ghosts (erk..), mythical creatures and erm - UFO. ok - can i kick the UFO off from the list now - i do think they r exist, anyway. hahaha.. but then - i dun "believe" dat much in science - rather i hav a bit of foundation in scientific theory and principles wit a pretty decent of understandin of the universe we live in. yet again - i dun claim to know or understand everythg and even if i dun know wat caused the Big Bang - i am perfectly fine wit my lack in scientific explanation for it. regardless of all dis - my entire week, last week - has been pretty darn weird.

the rest of the week was full of lil co-incidence. no. dun look at me dat way. not dat i am now sort of believing in one - but, heh - can i jst use the word, now? once? i remember theres one day when it turned out to be yet another unusual day. i dun know wats in the air but for some reason - i was treated extremely nice while i was there in the office, during the graduation thang, even when i went to the Giant for my grocery stuffs. i know everyone has days when ppl seem extra nice (or extra mean) but i am talkin about free meals - u sit there havin ur meals and realized s'one paid it all for u, yet ur not sure who kinda thg, s'one say 'hi' and break the ice during ur shoppin and pushin-the-trolley moment and at the end of it - ur wondering 'heh, saper eh.. rasa mcm kenal'. ppl were so nice nice dat i kept wonderin is s'thg was wrong wit me.

but then - i was glad. thinkin back - i've stopped questioning why dis and why dat. like i said - i dun believe in anythg. i mean - most of the thang. but then again - theres one thg dat i know. and i do believe in it as well. i do believe i am ere for a purpose. i do believe everythg happens for a reason. i do know dat i hav managed to overcome some pretty tuff hurdles wit support from fmly and a ton of luck. lots of strange thgs happen in my life dat i cant seem to explain. however, the fact dat i dun understand y s'thg happens, doesnt mean i am goin to believe it happened of some mystical miraculous reason.

life is jst plain weird. it is.

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