Thursday, August 20, 2009


woke up at 7am, off for breakfast. it waint dat cold in ere, i still can wander wround in my 3/4 pants wit round neck tee, and selipar Jepun alrite. but at nite - damn it was cold anyway! and frankly speakin - theres nthg much in ere, less stalls, less shops and less population. talk about cilivization. heh. but its alrite. i aint looking for somekinda grand thang around - i jst wanna be in ere, for a break. for the sake of i never be in ere. and i wanna be in ere, as well.
semlm - drove around the winding road leads to nowhere. pergi balik, pergi balik.. jumpak the same landmark. but the view, the wild was kinda superb. managed to stroll down the Jeriau Waterfall - and dammit, it was kinda spooky. no human being around, at all! heh. after all, watdya expect? ppl r workin, and ere i am wanderin about. but it was a nice waterfall, after all. air a bit kotor, tp ok la.. and its cold, dammit. and the trails - so many of em. i wanted to go down/up all along - but i wasnt.
stayed back all nite. not sure of where and wat to do as well. Celcom Broadband dpt full line but i jst cldnt make it online - dun ask me why.
i am glad i made dis, alrite. i shall now - jst wait for Ramadhan to come, and go thru wit it well - hoping there'll be no unexpected thgs, happen. i need no more suprises, God sake.

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